The Warriors and Timberwolves grabbed the pineapple a minute into the game

The Warriors and Timberwolves grabbed the pineapple a minute into the game

The scene that distinguishes NBA He has gone beyond his athletic limits. The scandal broke out on Tuesday night, in the first minute of their duel Golden State Warriors And Minnesota TimberwolvesThe temperature was higher than before. Yes, less than 60 seconds into the first quarter, cameras caught a wrestling scene that got three people taken out.

Although the score was tied, because neither team was able to score any points, the course of the match turned 180 degrees when suddenly, In the heyday of the midfield, some over-control between Klay Thompson (Warriors) and Jaden McDaniels (Timberwolves) was starting to show..

About 40 seconds into the game, the Warriors grabbed a defensive rebound and attempted to initiate a fast break, which was halted when the whistle blew for an apparently unknown reason. That’s when the cameras showed the beginning of a quarrel between the players facing each other.

It all started when the Timberwolves player tried to prevent Thompson from comfortably running towards the opponent’s court by grabbing him, which angered him. In his eagerness to free himself from the obstacles that prevent him from moving normally, They both ended up being grabbed and spun on the same axis, so hard that the Warriors’ guard’s shirt ended up being torn apart..

Once the fight was over, the match referee was called in for a review. Subsequently, Jaden McDaniels and Klay Thompson, who started the issue, were ejected for holding, while Green followed the same path by getting a flagrant foul 2. In this way, this is the first time in 25 years that three players have to leave the field before either team scores its first point.

But once the penalty shootout was decided, the match continued its usual course and ended with the Minnesota Timberwolves winning 101-104, achieving their seventh consecutive victory this season.

The background that downloaded the game

The battle that broke out within the first seconds of the game wasn’t entirely surprising considering their history. After the first match the two teams played this year, the temperature was higher than usual and players from both sides promised not to let things go.

I want to play against them. Draymond (Green) is just talking“Edwards ruled. For his part, Green responded:”First let him be a person and then let him speakAlthough several months have passed, the two teams made clear the rivalry that arose between them during their recent confrontations. After what happened on Tuesday night, a third chapter of this novel may be approaching in the future.

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