The Wonder Years Season 2 Premiere Date: When will the ABC’s Show air

The Wonder Years Season 2 Premiere Date: When will the ABC’s Show air

The Wonder Years will be back on ABC with a second season after doing solid numbers and positive reviews throughout its first season. Recently a popular news outlet broke the news that The Wonder Years season 2 will air in the fall. This is good news for those who didn’t want to see the show go away just yet. However, fans should be patient as it looks like ABC will release the next season later than most people anticipated.

The Wonder Years Season 2: Release date

Considering the currently ongoing season, we can only say that there is a high likelihood of seeing season 2 before the next fall. At best, we can anticipate the show’s return in 2023 sometime from January to March.

Let us just hope the season will return soon!


Quick Recap of Wonder Years Season 1

The wonder years is a show that has captivated audiences around the world. With millions of people tuning in every week to watch, it is easy to see why many have been wondering how long these series will last.

One year ago, The Wonders Years ended with a bang. After all the craziness that ensued in the final episode—from Greg and Julie’s engagement to the big reveal that Jane was pregnant with Tommy’s child—the show finale hinted at what was to come next. In a season of highs and lows, one thing was for sure: The Wonders Years was coming to an end.

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And boy, did it deliver! The final episode kicked off with the newlyweds moving into their own place and starting their own family. Sure, things were still rocky between Greg and Julie, but they were forging ahead nonetheless. Meanwhile, Jane was dealing with her pregnancy and balancing career goals with motherhood. And Tommy? He continued to grow as an artist and find himself in new and exciting situations. It was clear that this wasn’t going to be a typical “goodbye” episode; things were just getting started for these characters.

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