The Yankees beat Blue Jays with Carrie’s HR

The Yankees beat Blue Jays with Carrie’s HR

Buffalo, New York – Gerrit Cole had eight best innings and pinch-hitter Gary Sanchez had two run homers, while Aroldis Chapman managed to escape trouble in the ninth inning, beating New York Yankees 3-2 on Wednesday. Toronto Blue Zeus.

Sanchez’s 10th home run of the season in the seventh inning gave the Yankees the win with timely pinch hits, a day after Clint Frasier broke the dive with a double in the eighth inning of his 6-5 victory. Tuesday.

Chapman allowed the first two batsmen to win in the ninth inning, knocking out runners in second and third, but managed to escape signing his 14th save. Cole (8-3) limited Blue Jays to four wins.

Marcus Semyon and Cavan Piccio stayed for Toronto, which have lost three of their last three matches in a row and five of their last seven. Rose Striplin (2-4) limited New York to three wins and two walks in 6 1/3 innings, and matched this season’s best performance with nine strikeouts.

In the ninth inning, Vladimir Guerrero led the junior episode with a solo, with DeScar Hernandez banging in a double right. After Randall Christch was out, Chapman took a ground and started a play in which Sanchez knocked Guerrero out as he tried to return to third. This result was confirmed after reviewing the video for 70 seconds.

Chapman retired Lourdes Curiel Jr. with a flying ball to finish the game.

For Blue Jays, Dominican’s Teaser Hernandez 4-2; Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 4-1; Santiago Espinal D 1-0. Cuban Lourdes Currial Jr. 4-0.

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