The young singer points out that Angela Aguilar is his future wife and it’s not about Jose Lau

The young singer points out that Angela Aguilar is his future wife and it’s not about Jose Lau

Despite being in the midst of controversy after a series of photos were published showing Angela Aguilar next to the composer Jose LauThis led the composer to confirm that the two maintain a love relationship.

But this was not enough to prevent it A video started spreading on social networks in it He sees a young singer who seems to be the first to look for Pepe Aguilar’s daughter to be his future wife.

This is Miguel Angel Fernandez, a Mexican regional artist Who is famous not only for his talent in this genreAnd Also for his videos he shares on TikTok Where he was seen both singing and dancing in various shows in which he participates with a team of artists.

Exactly this week when the controversy over the leaked photos of Angela on social media began, Miguel Angel shared a recording on TikTok in which he is seen taking a picture with the seemingly love of his life; The talented granddaughter of Fleur Sylvester and Antonio Aguilar.

The clip, which only lasts a few seconds, said, You can watch the young artist, whose age and origin are still unknown, standing next to the beautiful and talented artist Angela Aguilar.: “With my future wife,” the text accompanying the post readsWhich is a complete hit on this social network, reaching nearly 26 million “views” and having more than 4,400 comments.

It seems that The talented Mexican regional artist has made it perfectly clear; Become another member of the Aguilar Dynasty That is why he will do everything in his power to achieve this. At the moment she is enjoying the company of Angela and her brother Leonardo, who also has another video where she poses again for the photo: “One of them was missing with his brother-in-law‘ reads the post.

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And although everything seems to indicate it so far Miguel Angel Fernandez is a big fan of the famous artist and her family, She’s not afraid to announce that if Angela gives her the chance, she won’t hesitate for a second to show her love. At the moment, tiktoker continues to win in the networks thanks to his talent and the resounding success of his videos.

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