Their flight is canceled, they are forced to share a hotel room, and that night changes their lives

Their flight is canceled, they are forced to share a hotel room, and that night changes their lives

Missed flights often present problems for travelers. However, for two women, such a situation marks the beginning of a wonderful story. They have gone from being strangers to being best friends.. For one, a chance encounter at the airport was “life changing”. In the ten years that have passed since that day, their relationship has grown stronger and stronger.

In 2010, a snowfall paralyzed the UK capital. People seeking to leave the city are stranded at London’s Heathrow airport. Among them was Andrea Robakovich, a woman who wanted to go home to Toronto, Canada. His goal was to arrive in time with his family, of Serbian descent, to celebrate Christmas on January 6th. “It was very, very important for me to get home on time,” Andrea recalls. CNN Travel.

Flights were delayed at that time due to a sudden and short snowfall; A crowd of passengers are waiting at the airportunsplash

Hours passed at the airport, but no flight took off. At that moment, the place was full of stranded people, among whom was the American Holly Savitt, who was heading to Chicago after a trip around the world that she took after graduating from university. I went abroad and was supposed to be gone for two months. I think at this point I was in my 9th or 10th month″ said the young woman. He was 20 years old at the time, just like Robakovich.

Holly was walking around the airport when she saw Andrea, she immediately caught her eye and went to offer her help, since, as she recalls, The girl looked “exhausted and exhausted.”. In response, the young woman told him about her canceled flight and It is very likely that he will not be with his family during the holidays.

With the clear idea that “two heads are better than one” the girls set about finding solutions so that Serbs can get to their festivities in Toronto, Although transportation was not possible until the snow stopped. An airport member gave Rubakovic a hotel voucher for that night and she decided to share it. To this day, they still remember how heartbreak turned into adventure. His room overlooked the River Thames and the historic London skyline.

Andrea and Holly connected instantly, talking and sharing stories until the wee hours of the morning, realizing that they shared “Similar core values ​​of family, friends and education”In addition to the flair for travel.

Despite the stressful situation they had at the airport, the friends remember that day as… One of the “most memorable times”. The next day at the airport, Andrea is one of the first stranded passengers to get a new ticket. Before boarding, he shared his Facebook account with Hollie to keep in touch.

The girls met in the summer of that same year. Being stuck in the uk created a strong bond of friendship ie When they saw each other again, it was not like meeting a stranger, but like meeting an “old friend.”as specified for CNN Travel.

13 years have passed since that meeting at the airport and Friends stay closer than ever. Andrea currently lives in London with her husband and two children, where Holly recently visited.

Andrea is married and has two children. Holly hangs out regularly with the familyInstagram/hollsavvy

Both often joke about returning to the chic hotel where they spent their first night together. Although Andrea now lives in London, He wonders if the place is as luxurious as they remember it. On a family outing, the woman came across the potential founder, but did not consider it to live up to her memories. “In my head it was the nicest, coolest, most elegant hotel, and now it looks a bit worn out, or maybe I just couldn’t find it”He remembers.

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Andrea and Holly now feel they will be friends for life, although it seems strange to them to think that they were brought together by an unexpected snowfall.


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