“There are caskets even in the hallways.”

“There are caskets even in the hallways.”

The funeral home in the city of Santiago de Cuba woke up today, Tuesday, to a critical situation, as more than 29 deceased people watched over their families and friends, forcing workers to place the coffins in the halls of the center, according to reports on social media. networks.

“They put boxes in the corridors, they don't know where to put them, and the dead keep coming,” one user told journalist Yosmane Maita, who Facebook He warned that the funeral home woke up today, Tuesday, with more than 29 coffins in its center.

“They say there is no capacity in Santa Iphigenia (the cemetery) and they want to bury our relatives in the municipalities,” explained the person who filed the complaint, who is also a relative of one of the deceased buried in the funeral home.

Although the publication does not provide any explanation for this sad situation, the city of Santiago de Cuba is currently suffering from this Circulation of two serotypes of dengue fever It is also affected by it Presence of Oropouche virus.

This strange scene joins other scenes that also occurred in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Last May, the central street of Garzón witnessed a painful and unprecedented scene: A coffin fell from the hearse and remained lying in the middle of a crowded artery.

Capture Facebook/Yuzmani Maita

unfortunate event, Quoted from Mayta Communication On his Facebook profile, the incident occurred on Victoriano Garzón Street, in front of a children's day care center and in a very busy area of ​​the eastern city, a few blocks from the regional headquarters of the General People's Congress and near the one-kilometre intersection. 969 Central Road.

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However, as incredible as it may seem, it has happened again. A little over a week ago Another coffin fell from the hearse that was transporting it in Santiago de Cuba.

It happened on Fourth Street, In the Mariana de la Torre neighborhoodAccording to precise Journalist Mayta posted on social media a video clip recorded by a witness of the horrific scene.

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