There is still a lot to be decided in the final two weeks of the NBA regular season

There is still a lot to be decided in the final two weeks of the NBA regular season

like The end of the regular season in the NBA is approachingOnly four teams were officially eliminated from the competition.

the Charlotte HornetsAnd Detroit PistonsAnd San Antonio Spurs And Houston Rockets They evaluate the talents that will be available during the next draw for new players and, accordingly, the future.

On the other side, Only five franchises have clinched their own postseason berths.

In the Eastern Conference, and Milwaukee BucksAnd Boston CelticsAnd Philadelphia Sixers in the interior, while in the west, the Denver Nuggets And Memphis Grizzlies They did it themselves. Of course, positions still need to be determined, and thus which team will enjoy home advantage throughout the playoffs.

Including Friday’s results, the Bucks have the best record in the NBA at 53-20, but nowhere near the Celtics at 51-23. They are tied for third place, the Nuggets and Sixers, with a record of 49-24.

Dilemmas in the middle of the packs.

in the East , New York Knicks (42-33) is in fifth place, but only half a game behind Miami Heat (40-34). The Nix has lost three points in a row and is at risk of dropping several points if this trend continues. the Brooklyn Networks (39-34), losers of five in a row, they are the seventh, good to play with Atlanta Hawks (36-37), Toronto Raptors (36-38) f Chicago Bulls (35-38).

To complicate matters a bit more, three teams are knocking on the “play in” door. the Indiana Bakers (33-41) f Washington Wizards (33-41) is a game and a half behind the bulls, instead Orlando charm (31-43) in 4.5 games.

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Hard West

In the West, things change in the blink of an eye.

the Golden State Warriors (39-36) rose to sixth place thanks to the fact that they won by three runs and threaten to continue climbing given that Phoenix Suns (38-35) They lost the last three. In fact, the Suns have been at the mercy of being ‘play-in’ since Minnesota Timberwolves (37-37), Los Angeles Lakers (37-37), New Orleans Pelicans They are in the midst of a two-game winning streak from sixth place. until the Oklahoma City Thunder (36-38) two games away.

The Dallas Mavericks lost six of their eight games. (L.M. Otero)

The Dallas Mavericks (36-38) have moved from playing out of the top 10 because they’ve lost six of their past eight games. he Utah Jazz (35-38) Half a game is delayed and delayed Trail Blazers (32-41) at 3.5.

Therefore, every party is vital in it During the last two weeks of the regular stage, which ends on April 9, for those still hoping to qualify To “play in” at least where anything can happen.

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