These are the products that Apple could launch at its virtual event this Tuesday

These are the products that Apple could launch at its virtual event this Tuesday


13 September 2021 20:44 GMT

IPhone users found the ‘Easter Egg’ hidden on the page dedicated to the September 14 event, which allows them to see the company logo in augmented reality.

Apple’s annual event, which takes place this Tuesday, September 14, Through live broadcasts, the technology company has been making excuses for years to reveal new product lines it plans to offer its buyers ahead of the winter holidays. Although the products and their exact specifications will be officially released this Tuesday, some versions of the potential releases that Apple could launch have already been leaked.

IPhone 13

One of the most anticipated products is the new generation iPhone Some information, Which will have a similar design Small peak In its upper part. According to Macromers, Apple will not change the size of its phones, it will be sold Four different versions: 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Max.

However, the new iPhone may have upgraded the cameras, while some rumors point out Video version of Image Mode, Allowing users to record videos with out focus background.

Similarly, it is believed that Apple can integrate ‘hardware’ with the ability to connect Low Earth orbit satellites Send calls and text messages in the absence of cellular coverage, though recently Has revealed The satellite connection function will only be available in emergency situations.

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Apple Watch

Among other products to be announced this Tuesday, the new version of the Apple Watch 7 stands out, one of which may be Zoom screen 41 or 45 millimeters and design Flat edgeHowever, without many changes in its content.


Also, the company may introduce the next generation of its design-modified Airports headphones Short stems. Among other changes, in its new airplanes, Apple could Eliminate noise cancellation function.

A letter written by Steve Jobs in 2010 reveals that Apple is working on the so-called iPhone Nano

Developed truth

IPhone users have found a hidden ‘Easter egg’ on the page dedicated to the September 14 event, which allows you to see the company logo In the increased reality.

Although Apple plans to introduce this feature in its new phone – Global X analyst Pedro Balanthrani says the answer is very simple – the company could get started on the show. Increased reality glasses Like smart glasses Revealed On Facebook last week.

At the same time, experts They evaluate Apple may introduce other devices such as the iPod Mini 6 and the new MacBook Pro.

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