They are defending a campaign without insults and proposals

They are defending a campaign without insults and proposals


he is National Electoral Council (CNE) to date has unleashed candidates for popularly elected office from the three parties that will participate in Primary elections They can campaign and publicize the March 14 elections. However, different sectors of society called for a clean day, without attacks and targeted.

From Saturday 23 January to 9 March, candidates of the 14 political movements from the national, liberal, freedom and re-establishment (free) parties will be able to announce their proposals to attract the sympathy of their brothers in religion.

1416 million pounds for the elections

Deputy Finance Minister Roxana Rodriguez said yesterday that the National Electoral Council (CNE) has a budget of 1,416 million lempira to hold the elections.
He explained that the National Congress has appropriated a total of 1760 million CNEs, 344 million of which were delivered last year, which have already been implemented. 1.416 million for 2021 the CNE will have to implement during the year.

Maximino German LoboAlternate Director of National Electoral Council (CNE), I mentioned that with the beginning of the political advertising period and schedule W. Election lawHe, who states that propaganda must begin 50 days before the primaries.

“With this, all movements will be able to take advantage of all advertising tools to search for the intention to vote, and when we talk about these tools, we are talking about television, radio, press, billboards, and everything that is permitted by law,” he explained.


544 Millions of lempira. It is the ceiling available for presidential form candidates to spend on their campaign.

25900 Electoral ballot boxes. They will be empowered at polling stations in the primary elections.

Lobo added that political aspirants are authorized to organize rallies as long as they are planned with him. CNE It does not coincide or interfere with other movements and parties.

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Over the next 50 days, they will be able to seek a vote of their supporters through all of these channels until March 8, then five more days remaining for the purpose of submitting their government’s plan proposals only.

We hope the story is different this time, to tell it in a different way.

Alberto SolorzanoEvangelist leader.

Clean drive

Church and civil society representatives demanded that the three party candidates carry out a clean campaign, without aggression, without insults, and with meaningful suggestions.

We hope that politicians take advantage of the opportunity available to them to conduct electoral campaigns, and avoid confrontation and empty talk.

The pastor and evangelical leader said the country requires restoring hope with clear and convincing proposals. Alberto Solorzano.

The political class should not accept dirty money to finance its advocacy campaigns.

Rivera Omar, Fonac Executive Secretary.

He said that there are many people who are not motivated and that the epidemic is hitting the country more hard, which makes the political class face a huge challenge to regain the confidence of the voters.

“If things are not handled well, then the places and inputs to vote may be available, but with the absence of the main component: the electorate,” he said.

Rivera OmarExecutive Secretary of National Rapprochement Forum (Phonak), He indicated that in this campaign, candidates for popularly elected positions must show their best faces and not repeat the predecessors’ vulgar strategy of attacks and discrediting of the past.

Candidates will be able to use all tools to search for voting.

Maximino German Lobo, CNE consultant.

“These are new times and new practices are required,” he said, “abandoning the public policy characterized by sermons, insults and mutual anger among opponents.”

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Antonio Garciavice president Law School The candidate for Deputy Lieber said that the campaign should be clean and that the candidates remember that they are enemies but not enemies, and that after March 14 they must come out united for the good of the country.

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