“They are not fit to talk about classical Mesoamerica.”

“They are not fit to talk about classical Mesoamerica.”


Julio Cesar “Rambo” De Leon It is a football reference not in Honduras, but in Central America and CONCACAF. The former player in Honduras national team He did not bite his tongue to answer Kendall Waston And Francis Calvowhose recent remarks ignited the fire, arguing that the Mesoamerican classics were Costa Rica vs Panama.

The 43-year-old Current National Football Player who plays for Club Junior athlete affiliate Honduras Promotion Leagueasserted that both Waston and Calvo “neither fit nor have the way of alluding to classic Middle America.”

De Leon Daily He also went so far as to assert that they should ask the historical players about Costa Rica how Walter “Pat” RyeAnd Louis Marin Oh Paolo Cesare Wanchopewho lived in their bodies great confrontations in front of the Hondurans.

Rimbaud de Leon began his speech by saying, “With the respect that Calvo and Waston deserve, they are unfit to speak of classical Mesoamerica, and not sufficiently experienced to speak of it.”

“They should ask the old historical figures of Costa Rica like Paty Centeno, Wanchope or even Luis Marín to be able to say that the Costa Rica vs Honduras match is no longer a Central American classic, while it always has been and I have never heard of it,” he said in contact with Costa Rican media. Mexico has more of it. Fear of Panama, Honduras or Costa Rica. amprensa.

And he extended his offer. “We have always considered our main rivals to be Costa Rica and then Mexico, the United States, El Salvador, Guatemala and finally Panama, but the classic game is Tecos against Honduras.”

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“Waston or Calvo come in to tell me they have little football experience, they haven’t played in the big leagues, let alone, that’s totally different and that pair doesn’t tell me Costa Rica vs Honduras isn’t a classic, when I was going to Costa Rica to die, you weren’t There is a game with a draw, Costa Rica won or Honduras won, Panama has always been defensive,” says the Honduras player.

finally Rambo de Leon With a past in leagues like Uruguay, Mexico, Italy and China, he confirmed it Kendall Waston And Francis Calvo They talk because they don’t know the history of football in the area.

“So far, the Panamanians are getting somewhat better, but they should always come and defend the results, Panama have narrowly won something important in Costa Rica, only friendlies, Calvo and Waston spoke because they don’t know the history of the quarterback and concluded that the American classics are simple and it is enough for them to be informed or locate them.

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