They are the same! Jennifer Aniston has her twins in Argentina

They are the same!  Jennifer Aniston has her twins in Argentina

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Jennifer Aniston, One of the most famous actresses Hollywood He has a “double” in ArgentinaA young woman just showed up in a photo because of her great similarity to her ex Brad Pitt.

Florence Trussero It is her name and her picture was spread when a friend of hers posted it. Her resemblance to the 52-year-old actress is unbelievable.

The friend wrote, “You can see how my boyfriend looks just like Jennifer Aniston,” garnering countless likes, RTs and comments.

“My friends and family told me a long time ago, that I actually have air, I am not the one in the picture, and I don’t know if I went out the same way, because of the situation or what, not so the same.” Florencia said after posting: “For me, they said This is a compliment to me. “

“This is the first time it happens to be pictured exactly the same or very similar. The picture was from my cousin’s wedding. In fact, if I had known that the image went so widely, I would have run the tramontina on the board … which is in.” The picture is my sister, she says, “I am also a celebrity and no one calls me.”

“I think even Leo when he uploaded the picture imagine it, I think he uploaded it as a joke and not to have an effect. When I told him once it seemed to me that they told me this, he laughed to death. Now we send him a little kiss.”

Currently, Fleur doesn’t have a romantic partner and noted, “If Brad Pitt shows up, that’d be cool, you know my Instagram account, so …”.

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