They attack Eugenio Derbez to change his appearance

They attack Eugenio Derbez to change his appearance

Recently, it became known that the famous the actor Mexican Eugenio Derbez He changed his appearance at the age of 60 and received endless bad comments about it.

With the premiere of “Coda”, Eugenio Derbez decided to change a look In addition to the astonishment of his followers, many criticized him.

famous comedian Mexican Eugenio Derbez continues to set records and this time shocked all his fans, as he made it clear that he is not afraid to change the image, and although he managed to get rid of several years, they criticized him on social media. He described it as “Shafuroku”.

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Obviously, the actor wanted to modernize and chose to make a drastic change of appearance to the hipster type, which he boasted about in various social networks because of the movie “CODA: Signs of the Heart in Latin America”.

As you may remember, in the middle of 2021, Derbez received his first Emmy, which signified a new step in his acting career that left everything in Mexico to advance his acting career and this achievement was shared with all of his followers.

This is how he can be seen very smiling and with a beard, glasses and gray shirt, his appearance resembles the character of Bernardo Villalobos, a music teacher who played in the game ‘CODA’. Heart Signs, under the guidance of Sian Heder’.

This smile is for the #CODA Latin American premiere by #AmazonPrimeVideo. Report with like all those who come to see this weekend.

It should be noted that this is a remake of the French film The Bélier family, where Emilio Jones, Marley Matlin, Troy Kotsur and Daniel Durant co-star.

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In fact, we previously brought you the full list of nominees for the 79th Gala, in which the name of the Mexican comedian appears, and he stood out precisely for his appearance in this film.

On the other hand, Eugenio spoke Spanish all his life, as it is his mother tongue and when he moved to the United States, he enrolled in intensive English classes to be able to master the language and achieve his goal, because he already speaks two languages..

After the fame he achieved, Eugenio Derbez was questioned about his will and confirmed that he already had everything in order, because he did not want to leave his children or Alessandra, his wife, without protection.

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