They call Laura Bozzo ‘cheeky’ after sharing these photos

They call Laura Bozzo ‘cheeky’ after sharing these photos

After announcing the final suspension of the arrest warrant, paying what the judge dictated, Laura Pozzo returned and faithful to her provocative style, the spokeswoman decided to appear for a magazine in designer clothes, which angered the public. who pointed out that Bozzo petty after he was about to go to prison.

Comments about the photos he released a few days ago on social networks did not last long, and were mostly negative, and Laura’s appearance was also compared to such fantastic characters as the creature from “The Shape of Water”, Guillermo del Toro.

Although comments on social networks criticize Laura for appearing happily after the court process she faced, these photos are not recent. I applied two years ago for said magazine, but the host has taken it up again so far.

“If there are many hate messages, it is because he deserves it. He is a hated person who lives by denigrating mediocre people. This is what he sowed and now he is reaping, find out a little about his path and you will see in the number of countries he has run into problems,” one netizen said. A very liar person.”

In the social networks of the magazine that published the photos, more photos of the driver are shown and it is shown that the wardrobe was brought from Paris and all the pieces she was wearing are from expensive brands such as Balenciaga and GmBH.

Some people are accusing the driver of being a “bastard” for evading justice and showing extravagance through the photos I’ve shared.

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He wrote on Twitter: “You are a rude person, you seem to have no memory… The police have been looking for you for days, now you are playing an innocent.”

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