They cut Luar La L's transmission at “halftime” of the BSN All-Star Game

They cut Luar La L's transmission at “halftime” of the BSN All-Star Game

TV broadcast “Halftime Show” It contains Star game Saturday's National Superior Basketball (PSN) was abruptly interrupted when urban musician Luar La El was on stage.

The reason, apparently, was the reason Expressive lyrics Singer's, considered at an event Familiar took place in Mayaguez Entertainment and Sports Palace, But it was broadcast live on Telemundo.

The incident sparked immediate reactions on social media, where many dismissed what had happened.

“A family watching good basketball and this time a stream of bad words,” former Captains de Arecibo basketball player David Cortes wrote on his Facebook page.

Another person who reacted on social media was the alternate spokesperson of the New Progressive Party (NPP) in the House of Representatives. Gabriel Rodriguez AguiloApologies to BSN Directors for what happened.

“Ricardo Dalmau and the BSN have an obligation to issue a public apology communication for what happened at the halftime “show” at the All-Star Game. That event, like every game, is one of family nature, which has been able to unite people behind their teams. That type of music can't be seen or sponsored. Who wants to do, enjoy the concert ticket. On the other hand, the BSN management should come up with precautions for the future,” the legislator wrote.

Neither BSN nor Telemundo had any comment on the matter.

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Watch the moment here.

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