They denounced the passivity of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate irregularities in Chivo Wallet

They denounced the passivity of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate irregularities in Chivo Wallet

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic (FGR) has received numerous complaints and notifications of wrongdoing incurred by the Chivo government e-wallet due to the use of DUI by persons who have not been given permission to do so, without an entity having judged the matter.

For computer crime expert Carla Alas, the attorney general’s office should be the first institution investigating such cases.

“The Prosecutor’s Office should be the first, as the entity that has a monopoly on the investigation, so that in cases like this and others, it starts an investigation and deepens why this situation happened. I think we are in a complex case but this is defensible and above all prosecutable by virtue of his position.”

He maintains that a robust strategy is necessary to argue not only why so many people used DUI, but also the access that was available to the public platform.

One of the affected people who has already given notice to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to start an investigation is Eduardo Escobar, Executive Director of Acción Ciudadana, which states that the institution should actually start working on it.

“When the OTP learned through the public posting that several people had been impersonated in the Chivo app, through the use of DUI, an investigation could have started. Negative on the part of the OTP we hope is now with the notifications that have been made. dispatched, to proceed with an investigation and to identify those responsible for the use of people’s identity documents and the impersonation of their identity.”

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For her part, the criminal lawyer, Marcela Gallez, said that the Public Prosecution Office is not acting brief and that what could happen is that they are conducting an examination of the behaviors that people have denounced.

“I believe that no one has data to determine the number of complaints they received and about the crimes, as far as I know, a few people came to report yesterday. The situation is the initiation of criminal prosecution in one of the cases provided for in the Computer Crimes Act, Galias stressed that the person’s complaint aggrieved need.”

In response to a question about the actions they have taken in this regard, the FGR stated that “each financial unit conducts investigations depending on where the complaint is lodged.”

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