They fear for the safety of Constanza Creel, Edith Gonzalez’s sole heir Algebraic

They fear for the safety of Constanza Creel, Edith Gonzalez’s sole heir  Algebraic

Mexico City. Two years after Edith Gonzalez passed away after a battle against ovarian cancer, her will was released, leaving her only daughter (Constanza Creel) a global heir to her ancestry.

Constanza was born on August 17, 2004, and is the only heir to the well-known and beloved actress, but she will not acquire the assets until she reaches adulthood, which is the next year.

Edith left stated what to do, the heir general is my niece, I am the heir. Victor Gonzalez, brother of the deceased actress, said that we all understood, not with lawsuits, among Edith’s legacies was that it was always necessary to negotiate and conform to love and affection.

The reading of the will gave rise to various speculations about Gonzalez’s fortune, even as he was overestimating the amount of money he had, causing the family to resent and fear. Edith’s brother, Victor Manuel Gonzalez, has come out to deny that his sister has collected such amounts from a millionaire, has expressed concern for his niece’s safety, calling him “immoral” and “dangerous” because he could provoke attacks on safety. From a minor.

In addition, he assured that the actress, although she devoted her life to acting and television, did not have much luxury. He added that the whole family remains united and supports each other, and that upon reaching adulthood, Constanza will have the inheritance, but for the time being, Victor Manuel remains the executor.

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Meanwhile, young Constanza has a low profile in public life and on social networks, shows a very respectable character, and her uncle comments that although she has not shown much interest in acting, she loves music very much.

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