They find a young woman who was reported missing alive

They find a young woman who was reported missing alive

Licit S. 26-year-old Cosme Rivera, whose relatives reported missing Monday night.

According to Police Commissioner, Antonio Lopez, Cosme Rivera is safe.

“Since the complaint of the disappearance of Leschette S. Cosme Rivera, 26 years old, was received … (a) A working group has been activated to find the location of the young woman. After multiple investigation efforts, it included both the vehicles and her close contacts, a few minutes ago, they found her location. In good health, “Lopez said in written phrases.


No information has been received about the circumstances in which the young woman was found or the events that led to her loss.

“Urgent! Help us! My sister Lichezzette Cosme has disappeared since last night 05/3/2021. The last time I saw her was at 5 pm and the last time she called me was at 10 pm” Read part of the message the family posted on social media.

The discovery of the healthy young woman marks a respite for the authorities and a country that has seen two women murdered in recent days, clearing the way for new claims to address the growing incidence of femicide in Puerto Rich.

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