They found the bodies of two people on board the Avianca plane that had arrived in Bogota from Chile

They found the bodies of two people on board the Avianca plane that had arrived in Bogota from Chile

Bogota – Colombian authorities found two lifeless bodies in the landing gear of an airliner Avianca who landed at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota Friday night from Santiago de Chile.

And official sources indicated that the two bodies were found during a maintenance inspection of the plane that carried out flight AV116, which arrived last night in the Colombian capital.

On Saturday, the company said in a statement that the bodies belonged to two people who “flew erratically (stowaways) on the landing gear of the aircraft that attended the flight.”

“The airline is keen to cooperate with the airport and local authorities to clarify the situation and take the necessary measures so that such events do not happen again,” Avianca said, adding that “as part of its operations before the start of each flight, security inspects the aircraft and its surroundings.”

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority detailed in a statement that it had received “new notice on flight AV116 that landed in Bogota at 7:55 p.m.” on Friday (8:55 p.m. Puerto Rican time).

“According to the information collected, two people were found dead in the landing gear of the aircraft when a maintenance check was carried out.”It added information in which no other details were given about the victims or their nationalities.

In view of what happened, the Technical Investigation Authority of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out “technical procedures for the removal and transportation of corpses.”

Likewise, the Civil Air Navigation Authority has reached out to the Chilean authorities and Avianca to begin “investigations”.

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