They looked at me and Atlété opened the doors for me: Luis Suarez

They looked at me and Atlété opened the doors for me: Luis Suarez

Valladolid, Spain /

The Barcelona threw him through the back door Despite being one of the best players ever in the club and in agony Luis Suarez Landed on Atletico Madrid; After 10 months, one of them is Spain’s champion and the other is plunged into a crisis.

This is why Uruguay Tears could not be held back After the match against Valladolid and confirmation of the ranking title.

They looked at me with contempt and Atlético opened the doors for me To continue to show that one wants to appear to be up-to-date and thus always I will be grateful With this wonderful club, they have confidence in me.

Completely broken, Lucho said this was a new heroism in his career It has a special flavor to everything he has had to go through From the scandal of his departure in Barcelona to the eternal suffering one endures on the bed team.

“Many people are with me, my wife and kids Who are they today, I think I have been playing football for many years, It was the year they suffered the most from everything. For them, that was a plug in every game“.

And finally, a new scratch on Barcelona, ​​who did not want to keep and responded with the Uruguayan as always, but now in another team.

“It is special to everything that one suffers. There are my stats 5 of the 7 leagues and there is Luis Suarez“.

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