They ordered the arrest of former interim president Janine Anez

They ordered the arrest of former interim president Janine Anez

(CNN Español) – On Friday, the Bolivian Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for former interim president Janine Anez and her former ministers Arturo Murillo, Jerko Nونñez, Alvaro Coimbra, Fernando Lopez, and Rodrigo Guzman, and the latter was arrested in Beni, according to the Bolivian state TV channel.

CNN was unable to access the basis of the charges through the prosecutor’s office, but Áñez published his letter Twitter account A six-page photo of the arrest warrant talks about “political persecution.” These charges are “terrorism, sedition and conspiracy.”

In the document presented by the former president, the accusations were brought as part of the investigation into a “coup” in 2019.

Other defendants have not commented on these charges. CNN is trying to get your reaction to the prosecution’s allegations.

The then interim president of Bolivia, Janine Anez, speaks during a press conference during her first day in office on November 13, 2019. Credit: JORGE BERNAL / AFP via Getty Images

Bolivia State TV reported the arrest of former Energy Minister Guzman in the city of Trinidad, capital of Beni County, in the northeast of the country. According to state media, the former official will be transported to La Paz to collect the tax return.

In statements to the press, Guzmán said that he had not been summoned by the attorney general’s office and had expressed his willingness to appear in court. “We will assume this as usual and we will continue to oppose this government,” he said.

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