They predict an imminent end to the British monarchy

They predict an imminent end to the British monarchy

Mexico City. – The British royal family is likely to be “at the end of its days” and will certainly not “survive” the reign of Prince William, according to the award-winning author and royal expert.

Lady Hillary Mantel warned the Telegraph portal: “I think this is the final match for ownership. I don’t know how long the foundation will last.”

The author of the famous historical novel “Wolf Hall”, who received the title of commander of the most privileged order of the world, prophesied the British Empire in 2006, then Prince Charles made it a lady in 2014.

Mantell asked whether Queen Elizabeth II was “the only person who truly believes in the monarchy.”

“I wish the Queen felt able to abdicate. I understand that she believes that this is a sacred task, that you simply cannot waive it, while the rest of us see it as a simple task, from which you should be able to withdraw.

“She thinks she cannot stop being king, because she has promised God that,” Mantell said.

“It’s a cliché, but what is its only location. It’s a struggle, because most of the world sees the royal family as an offshoot of the show business. And I’m sure this is far from theirs. Thought Queen.”

Instead, the monarchy has become a “self-punishing institution”, Mantel said, the first woman to win the Booker Prize twice, an annual award for best novel of the year in the UK.

Of the pictures of the queen sitting alone at a funeral, he said, “Do not expect any other family to show a very old and newly widowed woman in front of television cameras. Nevertheless, it is recognized that this will happen.” Her husband is Prince Philip.

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“In the same way it is taken for granted that a true new mother would appear radiant on the steps of the hospital the day after giving birth. There is no legitimate public interest behind this.”

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