They say Hoy’s former driver made several “arrangements.”

They say Hoy’s former driver made several “arrangements.”

A few days ago there was a lot of anxiety in the middle of the show after I got to know this beautiful actress Leticia Calderon She was taken to the hospital. It was the same as the previous driver of Today’s program who shared a picture of him in which he could be seen and in a hospital room.

Calderon Tours At that time, he did not say what had happened, but more calmly explained to his followers that everything was fine and that the operation was an operation on the gallbladder. It was said that it was only the scheduled intervention; However, TV and Notes magazine confirms that there is more and that the host and an actress He had made some “small arrangements”.

According to an alleged source close to Leticia Calderon, the heroine of Esmeralda would have benefited from interfering with her gallbladder to make some aesthetic tweaks. The post confirms that the beautiful green-eyed woman would have had her back liposuction, as she had some love handles as a result of the reduced pace of her life due to the epidemic and something else, she would have increased it!

Claims indicated that Lety would have gone from 200cc to 250cc, a slight increase in size; But the source indicated that this was more than just vanity, it is for medical indications, as previous implants would have ended their cycle and for safety, the change in them was favorable.

They say Hoy’s former driver made several “arrangements”. Photo: Instagram.

The source emphasized that Leticia Calderon does not see the intervention as an expense, but as an investment, because when she is a public figure, she should always look good. He stressed that what the actress won’t touch is her face, because she says she doesn’t want to look tight, so she just applies non-invasive creams and treatments to it.

She admitted to the magazine that the actress will be cared for by her mother and children and that her recovery is going well. On the other hand, he said that he will return to work very soon, since the ex-Juan Collado has many proposals to return to the stage and that, thanks to his experience, he can even choose and reject roles.

Days after her operation, Letty said in an interview that it was different, because she was afraid that she did not have before entering the operating room. The beautiful blonde indicated that she had expressed her opinion that she might not get out of there and was worried about what would happen to her children.

Calderon shared that he made everything clear before the procedure, and that his family would be the ones to take care of his children when he was absent, even when his father, Collado, had the legal right, but he is not in a position to take the charge. He also admitted that his youngest son knew everything he had and what each one would have “until the last pencil”.

Calderon Tours She was one of the most loved and admired women in the entertainment world, not only because of her talent and beauty, but because of her integrity and raising two children on her own after Juan Collado started a relationship with actress Yadira Carrillo.

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