They vetoed Televisa’s Eugenio Derbez: “I want to understand that it’s because of the Mayan train”

They vetoed Televisa’s Eugenio Derbez: “I want to understand that it’s because of the Mayan train”

Eugenio Derbez confirmed that Televisa México no longer wanted him, after they gave him lengthy explanations through a letter sent to an important person in the company.

During a radio interview with Javier Poza, the comedian said that he began to realize the facts when, due to the Oscar party, where he won the movie “CODA” in which he is participating, two interviews were canceled half an hour before they were to be held.

In a frank question, he said, “Suddenly they told me they were forbidden to meet me. No character told me, but the people below, there was a rumor going around and they canceled the interviews.”

“(Then) I sent a message, they wanted to gilt the bean and I said, ‘No, best not. God bless, there are many mediums where one can promote things, and one can visit. Now they are calling me TV Azteca makes me acclaim.'”

But he still does not understand things, because he can work for the company of Emilio Azcárraga, despite being in the United States.

He was recently at Univisión promoting “The Valet”, his latest comedy, which premieres Friday on the Star+ streaming platform.

He said, “I no longer work for Televisa México, I work for Univisión, for VIX. They did not give me the exact reason, but I want to understand that it is because of the Mayan train.”

The video against the Mayan train

The actor and director of “Refunds Are Not Acceptable” and “La Familia Be Loach” was one of about 40 artists who, last March, filmed a video asking Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, to stop construction work on Section 5 of the Mayan Train, Due to possible damage to underground rivers and damage to plants and animals.

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They demanded environmental impact studies not yet provided by the federal government, and that the president tour the area and not just by air.

Lopez Obrador responded that they had certainly been paid and described those who showed up there as environmentalists, which he retracted weeks later.

While talking to Poza, Eugenio joked about the alleged mansion he had bought and spread widely on social networks.

“I was thinking about where the rumors might come from and (well) we rented several houses to work: when I made How to Be a Latin Lover we rented a lot and now for Acapulco (the series) as well; each has a finished movie, even That I came here and they rented one for me, I like homes more than hotel because I took my dog ​​Fiona and then my family arrived.”

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