This is how leaders from different countries interact

This is how leaders from different countries interact

(CNN Español) – This Monday, a month after the second round of presidential elections that took place in Peru, Pedro Castillo, of the Peruvian Liber Party, has been declared elected president for him The National Jury for Elections (JNE). Several political leaders responded to the news.

Francisco Sagaste, The interim President of Peru wrote on Twitter: “I salute the declaration of Pedro CastilloTe as elected president after the results were announced by the JNE. Let us look with optimism at the future of our country. Nine days before the bicentennial, perhaps this is the beginning of a new phase of reconciliation, consensus and unity.”

Former President of Peru Martin VizcarraFor his part, he tweeted: “Congratulations to Pedro CastilloTe who will take on the great challenge of being Bicentennial President. The challenges ahead are enormous, trivial enough, let’s work together for our country.”

Colombia President, Evan DuqueHe wrote on his Twitter account: “We send a congratulatory salute to the President-elect of Peru, Pedro CastilloTe. We will continue to work to strengthen our economic, cultural and social relations.”

Laurentino CortizoThe President of Panama wrote: “I greet the Peruvian people and congratulate the elected President of Peru, Pedro CastilloTe, with whom we will continue to work on the agenda of common interests in the interests of the two countries. Successes in his administration!”

The questionable president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, tweeted: “I congratulate the Peruvian people and Professor Pedro Castillo, who has been proclaimed today July 19th, the new President of Peru. A new and hopefully successful political cycle opens for this South American country. Venezuela embraces them brothers and sisters.”

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The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, Who is the I had already congratulated Castillo on June 10Before JNE announced his victory, he wrote of his previous tweet: “I want to reiterate my congratulations to PedroCastilloT, who has been democratically elected and declared President to our brothers in Peru. Together we will work for a united Latin America.”

Louis AlmagroThe Secretary-General of the Organization of American States wrote on Twitter: “I congratulate Pedro CastilloTe on his election victory and assure him of our commitment that we from @OEA_oficial will strengthen our work with the new government of Peru.”

President of Ecuador, Guillermo Laso, he tweeted: “Congratulations to the Peruvian people by the end of the democratic day. Successes in your administration President Pedro CastilloTe, we hope to strengthen relations between Ecuador and Peru with openness, cooperation and dialogue.”

Pedro Castillo wins Peru’s presidency, according to JNE 3:28

Sebastian PineraThe Chilean president tweeted: “A few minutes ago we spoke on the phone with Pedro CastilloTe, President-elect of Peru. We wish him success in his administration and commit to working together to overcome the pandemic, defeat poverty and advance towards inclusion and sustainable development for the good of our peoples.”

Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro SanchezHe wrote on Twitter: “We congratulate Pedro Castillo on his proclamation as President of Peru and the Peruvian citizens and institutions for the development of the electoral process. We are ready to work with the new President and his team within the framework of the strategic strategic Spain-Peru relationship.”

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mexico advisor, Marcelo EbrardHe wrote: “Warmest congratulations to Pedro Castillo Terrones, President-elect of the Republic of Peru, to whom we wish all the best. Mexico salutes him with appreciation and brotherhood!!!”.

Vice President of Bolivia, David ChuquihuancaHe tweeted, “Congratulations to the president
PedroCastilloTe on his victory in the elections of #Peru, we are brotherly peoples and have a great mission to work together for our great homeland.”

JNE declared Castillo the winner on Monday after declaring five’s inadmissibility The appeals of the rival candidate, Keiko Fujimori, from the Popular Power Party.

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