This is how Yumel responded to rumors of the alleged deportation from Mexico!

This is how Yumel responded to rumors of the alleged deportation from Mexico!


The Reggaeton appeared on the networks with a message to everyone who knows about his life

This is how Yumel responded to rumors of the alleged deportation from Mexico!

Yumel and Daniela Reyes (Photo: Yumel Instagram)

After much speculation about the alleged deportation of Yumel Hidalgo and Daniela Reyes from Mexico, Regeton himself has re-appeared on the networks to definitively clarify his current situation.

Greetings to all those who love us and who also live waiting for our lives, I warn you that we are doing well. We went on vacation but I’m back on top play And in the region, The urban singer wrote next to a video taken at the Parque Central in Havana.

After this response, Lt. Col. Alexander Ottola – who started the rumors about his deportation – hinted that what happened with Yumel was a propaganda show. “Yumel threw this from a hotel in Cuba,” he said in a recent presentation.

“This one is over there. I don’t see things watering or anything. He arrived, put on his robe and started filming there. She joked,” One of her friends let in. “

Alleged deportation by Leumel and Daniela

According to Otaula himself, the couple submitted false documents to immigration authorities to enter Mexico.

He confirmed that both of them would have fake Mexican residency. “The rumor about what happened with Yumel and his girlfriend is that they were deported from Mexico for fraud with a fraudulent residence (…) Now you will only have the option to enter by sea, because you with Mexico burned that ship,” he said on his program.

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The couple allegedly have children in the Aztec country. The lieutenant colonel added, “Yumel, your return to Cuba after you have been deported from Mexico will not be seen well by the Cuban government.”

Ottola warned: “What a pity they discovered the lie, because this time it did not work (…) I told you that I would be informed, but the Mexican immigration itself took care of everything.”

According to another version of the story, the Reggaeton and his partner were awaiting an application for political asylum in the United States.

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