This is the apartment that Alicia Machado bought in Miami Beach, reports ‘Nxclusivas’.

This is the apartment that Alicia Machado bought in Miami Beach, reports ‘Nxclusivas’.

The winner of the first season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ is Alicia Machado.

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Earlier this year Alicia Machado became the first winner of ‘The House of the Famous’. And pocket $200,000 dollars.

Since entering Venezuela to participate in the reality show She said that if she wins, she will buy a house for herself and her motherHe fulfilled a promise.

Days later Interviewed by Rodner Figueroa for ‘El Rojo Vivo’ There he showed some details of the new property located in the exclusive Miami Beach area.

Now medium ‘Nxclusivas’ has released new photos from the locationIt shows more details of the apartment where the actress and former Venezuelan beauty queen now lives.

According to this medium, property Worth $500,000 dollarsMore than the $200,000 dollars he earned for winning ‘The House of the Famous’.

The apartment is located in a simple white building. It doesn’t have as many services as other luxury buildings, but it does have a swimming pool and green areas.

At the main entrance of the building The marble walls stand outIt gives a slight impression of luxury.

Stands out very much within the apartment Large windows that access the impressive view Miami Bay and illuminates the place with natural light.

They also featured a kitchen with brick-colored cabinets, granite countertops, and a small center island.

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