This is the diagnosis that Paulina Rubio’s mother faces

This is the diagnosis that Paulina Rubio’s mother faces

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.’s mother Pauline RubioAnd Susana Dusamantes She faces one of the hardest moments of her life, as she is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The first actress is undergoing treatment in Miami, Florida, to deal with a difficult illness.

“It’s true that Susana Dusamantes She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, is undergoing treatment but has not been hospitalized. He is going to the hospital to continue his chemotherapy,” confirmed Alejandra Palomera, director of Dosamantes to People magazine in Spanish.

actress One of the best mexican series He decided to break the silence and speak for the first time about his health, Well, despite being afflicted with this terrible disease, his concern is for the public to be made aware of his “voice” and thus to avoid “false and unnecessary speculation”.

Mother of the “Golden Girl” He shared with the social magazine “From” a statement in which he provided more information about the diagnosis he received in recent weeks, adding that the family union with his children and grandchildren, as well as his closest circle, allowed him to take this diagnosis. better way.

He confirmed that his treatment takes him to the Mount Sinai Medical Center in the United States of America, Since then temporarily Pauline Rubio He is also in that country for the “Perrísimas” tour where he has a duet with Alejandra Guzmán and the lawsuit he’s facing for custody of the “Golden Girl’s” youngest son.

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Although the information is general, Rubio’s family asked to appreciate the matter and avoid falling into false information or speculation. “We ask our colleagues in the press, with the greatest vigilance, the respect that this kind of situation deserves, and to avoid false and unnecessary speculation.”

We’ll keep you posted as it develops and thank you in advance for all the signs of support and affection. received.”

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