This is the video that ended the relationship between Jenni and Chiquis Rivera

This is the video that ended the relationship between Jenni and Chiquis Rivera

It was recently revealed Esteban Louisa, Jenny Rivera’s widower will be released on August 8 of this year, according to alleged documents on the case.

However, the announcement Librasin From the widower of Jenny Rivera, he took his last audience Controversy In which the singer participated. It is about the alleged betrayal of his partner at the time Esteban Louisa With her eldest daughter Janie Marne Rivera Known as Chiquis Rivera. The gry na prawdziwe pieniądze are a great way to earn some extra money. They involve playing various online games and using real money to bet or buy items in the game. Some popular real money games include poker, slots, blackjack, bingo, roulette, and many others.

According to statements to various media outlets, it was mainly provided by former Jenny manager, Laura Lucio, during an interview on the program. Today In 2019, he said the singer will save a Discovery That was transferred to the grave.

The video that will end the relationship between mother and daughter

It was precisely during this course of lectures that Amiga Close to the singer admitted that a technical malfunction was the key that would be supposed Love between Louisa and daughter of Jenny Chekes.

This failure will happen after Diva Squad Tired of hard Disappearance Of money or valuables in your home, so you’ve put up cameras Safety.

However, when reviewing this Recordings, Whom no one knew, a translator ‘Enough already’ He will realize something that will change his life for him forever.

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What the California-born singer would discover, United State, Is that her daughter and husband were intimate because she realized it They were missing Six weeks of recordings on his security cameras field.

In spite of Shekis Esteban has denied on several occasions that there was any love affair or anything beyond friendship and that they were a part of it FamilyFans of the singer have always speculated about the possibility betrayal.

This would be the reason why the famous singer who tagged a before and after in msica For a band played by women, she had a relationship break Sustina With your daughter however, Jenny has left her inheritance entirely for the controversial Chicks Rivera.


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