This is the woman who betrayed Bigway to Shakira

This is the woman who betrayed Bigway to Shakira


Living in days of great tension PQ Y Shakira After the information you posted Newspaper About the football player allegedly betraying his partner. The above evidence indicates that the singer is aware of the player’s encounters with a young woman and gives him a face and name.

Piqué attacks a journalist and reveals his salary in Barcelona

The above source has spoken to different journalists and photographers who follow the couple’s daily lives and admit that the relationship between the two has been “cold” for weeks. “They let their kids see themselves as a good couple at school, but the truth is, they don’t talk to each other right now,” they add.

“Piqué has seen a young woman several times, so the player would have moved to his undergraduate residence because Shakira would have known those encounters and been angry,” they reveal. Lorraine Vasquez Y Laura FaReporters Newspaper And those responsible for exposing alleged corruption.

What kind of special friend is Piqué?

The woman who cracks in between PQ Y Shakira 20 year old young blonde girl. She is studying and working as a show host. ” Lorraine Vasquez.

Shakia just admitted why she did not marry Pique

“Although we do not know the nature of the relationship between the couple, the appearance of this young woman in PQ’s life may have caused them to live apart temporarily,” the spokesman added.

Emilio Perez de RosasA contributor NewspaperHe explained that the couple has had one of their worst moments since meeting in 2010. Shakira (I congratulate you) is a statement insulting the defender Barcelona.

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not yet PQ No. Shakira Spoke publicly about the alleged secession. In fact, they have not appeared together since March 13th.

The coffee maker recently attended a film festival in Ibiza, with his children and both in Cannes without the football player’s company.

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