This Latin name for boys entered the top 10 most popular in the United States

This Latin name for boys entered the top 10 most popular in the United States
In 2023, Mateo reached its highest popularity as a boy's name in the United States. (Getty Images)

For the first time, a Latin name reached the top 10 names for boys America. According to the latest data Social Security AdministrationName Matthew The sixth most popular boy's name to move in 2023 Benjamin Ranked.

The rise of Matthew is significant. The name which was at 11th position in 2022, moved to 6th position in 2023. cnn Sophie GihmEditor-in-Chief of Baby Names Website Bearberry. “We don't see that in the rankings very often.”Khim said.

The dominance of many names has been consistent in recent years. Very much Liam as Olivia They have been the most popular names for five consecutive years. Mateo is the only new name to break into the top ten this year.

The name Mateo, meaning “gift of God,” is increasingly popular. (iStock)

By 2023, more than 11,000 American babies will be named MatthewAccording to, the highest number ever recorded Social Security Administration. Meaning “gift of God,” the name began appearing in the top 1,000 in 1995. “Mateo's popularity has grown at a rapid pace in recent years”Kihm said.

Kihm She also works as a consultant helping people choose and change their baby's name. He notes that several trends may be influencing this popularity. According to expert, The increase in the Latino population in the United States can be linked to this phenomenon. He highlighted that it is increasingly common for people to choose names for their children that reflect their cultural heritage.

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Besides, Kihm commented that Mateo has cross-cultural appeal. She explained, “He seems friendly and approachable Matthew” and “has that nice '-o' ending that's so popular right now… It sounds so new, but it's still traditional,” he explained. “It's practical The first name was identified as LatinAt least among children,” Kihm reiterated.

Matthew It wasn't just the name that caught the attention. As reported United States Social Security AdministrationThe influence of social networks and pop culture has had a significant impact on the choice of popular baby names.

Liam and Olivia have been the most popular names for five years. (Archive)

Girl name joke Experienced the biggest growth in the last year, rising to 678th place on the popularity chart.

In a press release, The Social Security Administration This trend is attributed to popular influence Network light And TikTok, Kaylee McEwenAlso known as Callie MayPromotes a clean and orderly lifestyle. “Parents Should Have Hit the 'Like' Button for YouTube and TikTok Star Kaeli McEwen”The report was read.

The news surprised her McEwenHe has 14.7 million followers TikTok. “I was a bit surprised by that… I didn't know anything else in my childhood and even now 'Joke'!”He said in a statement sent to cnn. “I love the spelling of my name, so it's great to see it becoming so popular!”

boy's name selection It also rose significantly in popularity, ranking 813 on the list. This trend is attributed to the hero character of the last season of the series Cobra kai. However, the popularity of this name started in 2015 NFL, Cam NewtonHe named his son selection.

For girls, the most chosen names are Sophia, Ava, Amelia, Olivia, Evelyn, Mia, Emma, ​​Charlotte, Isabella and Luna. (Freepik)

He A report on the most popular baby names in America in 2023Published by Social Security Administration On May 10, 2024, it provided an updated list of the most registered names of the year.

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Elijah, Henry, James, Liam, Luke, Matthew, Noah, Oliver, Theodore And William They topped the choices for boys' names. As for female names, very selective Sofia, Ava, Amelia, Olivia, Evelyn, mine, Emma, Charlotte, Isabella And the moon.

An analysis of these names shows a mixture of classic and modern. For example, names like William And James It has a long history and others like it Liam And Oliver have become popular in recent decades. Among girls, names like Emma And Olivia Recurring in previous lists, but names like the moon Influenced by pop culture and global trends shows a significant increase.

The US Social Security Administration This information is collected annually from birth records and provides an important insight into society's preferences for names.

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