“This trip together will be fun.”

“This trip together will be fun.”

All expectations about what could happen this season in the NBA were blown up when it became official James Harden trading to the Brooklyn Nets. For a lot, the New York franchise manages to combine Beard Along with two other superstars in the league like Keri Irving and Kevin Durant. After months of mutiny, the former Rockets showed his best face in his first two games at the Big Apple, serving as a generator and playing with his new team. His initial performances led to an increase The hype To see him share the field with the former Cavaliers, Absent in previous incidents for personal reasons.

Finally, it was yesterday when he first met on the track what was probably the best Big 3 From the current NBA. But they are still far from the level of understanding expected of three players of this level. Colin Sexton and some Cavaliers gave the chorus and decider a power overturn, holding on to the rhythm of the match made by the Nets and taking a tumble into the second non-appealable overtime. Bad start, amenable feelings for a team KD And either of the other two stars were doing very well.

After the meeting, it was Kevin Durant himself who spoke to the press and apparently asked about his understanding with Harden and Irving. The former Golden State Warriors team was right and positive: “I felt good and I felt perfect. I felt we were together. I felt that this journey together was going to be fun. The first game was a difficult start, it was an up and down game for us. But I love where we are.” .

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Some phrases that help calm down the changing room with complex characters. Publicly, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were excited to incorporate James Harden. Now they need to understand each other in court. Although the results and feelings weren’t the best, the numbers are extraordinary: Beard He added his third straight hat-trick and the other two surpassed 38 points. Although it should be added that he was in a game in which they played two additional spells and scored up to 11 joint turns.

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