This was Selena’s last gig People | entertainment

This was Selena’s last gig  People |  entertainment

The very special event that stuck in the minds of Selena fans was her last live concert at Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

On February 26, 1995, Selena and Dinos performed in front of 67,000 people at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. In the final chapter of Selena, the serial They recreated such a show. In a glowing purple suit, Quintanella captivated his followers, but unfortunately it will be the last concert of this size that he will perform in his short life, because this show was on February 26 and the young woman was killed on March 31.

Selena Quintanella began her career as a singer at the age of nine as part of the Selena y los Dinos family group, rising one step after a year until she won the Tejano Music Awards in 1987 as the best singer, although she only became international in the early 1990s, especially among audiences of Hispanic origin. Between 1992 and 1994, Selena was already considered one of the most successful artists of the time, and at twenty-three years old it seemed like no one could stop her.

In the Netflix series, they show preparations for such a wonderful event in which the singer got into a wagon pulled by two beautiful horses. Before this party, according to the series, Selena Quintanilla comes out of the dressing room and shows her fitted wardrobe, but her brother AB Quintanilla tells her he doesn’t like her because she makes her look “wide and short.” Ironically, after triumphing in such an important place, she buried Selena in this wardrobe.

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One of the most memorable moments of this night in the series was the dance solos, where they moved their bodies in the company of the two dancers who were also a choir. Thus, Texan took her step, known as “The Washer,” as she moved her long hips forward, raising the bottom of her wardrobe and her silver sneakers; She danced to the beat of the drums.

Quintanilla’s last performance was recorded to date and released in 2001 on CD and in 2003 as DVD. How was the Turns out? For this opportunity, Selena prepared a surprise: eight minutes of a variety of songs from disco legends such as Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Steven Greenberg, and others. (And the)

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