Thomas Boy considers it disrespectful to use Cruz as an alternative to Azul

Thomas Boy considers it disrespectful to use Cruz as an alternative to Azul

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Thomas Boy Surprised by that team Juan Rhinoso Given to the competition between Blue Cross Y Mazatlan. The Connoros coach was clear He acknowledged that Peruvian felt disrespectful in the way he accepted the offer With one Alternate sequence.

“They made three very important changes, This seemed like an insult to me with the alternative team. In the end, everyone does what they want with their team, ”he said.

Boy also concluded that the opening players would have marked a significant fall when they had not played from the start, which marks the case. Camilo Sanvezo. He gave an example of the sky set that saved such players Jonathan Rodriguez, Orphelan pinata Y Roberto Alvarado.

“The lack of starting players is always sensitive. For example, we saw that today Blue Cross They played an X game without four or five starters. “

What did Louis Enrique Santander say about the referee?

On the other hand, in relation to work Louis Enrique SantanderThe strategist applauded Walter Gayle kicked out Sandoval But he made it clear that the whistle had interfered with the goal game in which the cement workers won the game Because his position against Louis Angel Mendoza was not right. For this reason, the defender did not reach the ball towards the goal on Alvarado’s shot Nicola Vikonis.

“I don’t think there was any refereeing issue, my player made a big mistakeYou lose the job the team did better with your attitude. We were dominating and playing in that play, it was a barbaric strain and it was well punished. Now, on target Blue Cross The referee is an obstacle to Mendoza’s life and the boy (Alvarado) did not get the right pass.

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