Three out of every 10 migrants on Mexico's southern border are infected with syphilis

Three out of every 10 migrants on Mexico's southern border are infected with syphilis

Three in 10 migrants on Mexico's southern border have done so Syphilis Or some other Sexually transmitted infections (ITS), as warned on Sunday by the “Street Brigade in Support Elisa Martínez” organization, which conducted tests in the area.

Kiss Migration flowAssociations like these have run rapid tests to detect it Sexually transmitted diseases In migrants in Tapachula, on Mexico's border with Guatemala.

Cristian Gomez Fuentes, head of the organization in TapachulaThey revealed that they had discovered a major infection Syphilisso they seek to address this matter in the first place illness.

“The person who is detected is invited to bring his partner so that they both receive treatment. We are talking about 30% of the total migrant population and especially the Cuban population. Now the squad is doing (tests for) HIV and syphilis, and thank God, we have not detected HIV,” he told EFE. Human immunodeficiency.

Looking at the notation, the Cuban immigrant Leonel Vega Diaz He recommended that his citizens go to various health centers, protect themselves, and use contraceptives.

“Here there is a center called Capacit Tapachula, where they treat you for HIV and any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. Cubans have this situation, and if they leave for some reason, I recommend monitoring themselves every time and getting tested because sometimes time can solve everything,” he said. something”.

Rosemberg Lopez Samayawa, head of the Friendly Hand in the Fight against AIDS, admitted that the forecasts were not encouraging at all, especially because of the crossing of young people.

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“For this reason, when we hold meetings with CUMAR (the Mexican Committee to Assist Refugees) and the National Institute of Migration, (we ask) them to engage in issues of prevention and information that should be provided to migrants because there are young people who engage in sexual practices during their journey,” he explained.

He pointed out that the group serves about 400 people immigrants Monthly, which is usually detected respiratory system diseasesor fungal infections, where they remain for up to seven consecutive days without personal hygiene.

Venezuelan Braiseda stated that she went to the “Street Brigade” unit because she needed to ensure her health to move forward in good health.

“We bring in some flu, some infections, some Birth diseasesThe more you consult, the greater the chances of it being discovered in time, which is what worries us.”

The situation reflects Humanitarian crisis in MexicoWhich recorded an annual increase in irregular migration by more than 77%, to exceed more than 782 thousand people in 2023.

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