Tigres eliminate Rayados de Monterrey to advance to final of Clausura 2023

Tigres eliminate Rayados de Monterrey to advance to final of Clausura 2023

Tigers Surprised, he walked out with a 0-1 win Rayados de Monterrey 2023 to qualify for the finals. Sebastian Cordova He was responsible for a 1-2 aggregate win and ticket to the title fight.

The first half was a complete affair for both teams and with few scoring chances, practically nil. When Nahuel played with his feet inside his area early in the game, Funes looked to cut Mori but the Rayados striker tapped the ball and missed by centimeters.

Tigres came in very timid in the first half and wanted to take the process of the game until the last minutes and start with all the attacks, but the truth is that neither Cordova nor Gignac nor Coriaran created any danger.

After half an hour of play, Jesus Angulo and Funez Mori clashed, leaving the Rayados striker with a very strong injury and bleeding that could not be stopped so easily.

The truth is that the game was already very rocky, controversial and with few options for risk in areas.

The first great goal option came early in the second half when Rafa Carioca struck with a right-hander that forced a great shot from Esteban Andrada.

But the game was broken after the 75th minute. Collecting a free kick, Nahuel went wrong and the ball ended up at his feet Hector Moreno A series of rebounds and Rayados centre-back ordered the save to blast the Steel Giant.

A few minutes later came the bad news VAR He reviewed the play and saw a very fair spot from Moreno that canceled it all out.

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The blow came on the next play in practice, when Sebastian Cordova made it 0-1 after a great cross from Luis Quiñones completely silenced the stadium. The best match they had and is going down a very painful path today, their archival has been removed.

Tigres will now have to wait to meet their rival, although the grand final will end in either Guadalajara or Mexico City anyway.

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