Tigris vs Sivas (2-1): Goals

Tigris vs Sivas (2-1): Goals

Tigers Suffered in the second half, but managed to win 2-1 Sivas On the 16th match Opening in 2021, With doubling Zignac This brings the regios closer to Likuilla Guadalajara They put Repechage at risk.

Who are thus led Miguel Herrera Are in third place with 25 units Michael Leono They are in twelfth place with 19 units, but with risk Poomas, பச்சுகா Oh Athlete San Louis Reduce them to the table to have pending matches.

In the first half, the locals captured the ball, recording 55 percent; However, they only had one shot towards the goal, which highlighted them before the break.

Marker It did not open for 3 minutes, When Andre Pierre Kignok Added the second goal of the match. Stop the ball again, from the opposite Blue Cross It was a penalty and now a free kick, a great goal.

The herd had a chance at 21 p.m. Jesus is there He escaped at speed and headed towards the curve Nahuel Guzman; However, his shot went over the side of the goal.

The Pamporo At 34 ‘there was a very clear option Nicholas Lopez The area gave him a pass, but the Frenchman sent the ball over the goal he had been waiting for Raul Gudino.

The pace in the fill area was slow, and there were some options on both goals. When Sivas One head seemed to equalize the game at 55 ‘ Jesus Molina, The referee canceled the game for offside.

Again Zignac He was able to hit, now at 69 ‘, after a great series of touches from the Ariasul attack, the Frenchman ended up with a header he had taken குடினோ Stretches under three sticks.

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The cats were saved again at 77 ‘, and now it’s post, he scored a shot Uriel Antuna When he closes a ball in the distance.

It was 78 ‘when the Montreal team defined the match, with Zignag’s double century on the first instant shot, powerful and unstoppable. குடினோ With this, the French striker has not done so since November 1, 2020, scoring a goal in the game almost a year later.

Attendance by own target was discounted to 85 ‘ Guido Pizarro, Who sought to wipe out the play Antuna He broke the 625-minute line and finished sending the ball to his doorstep without playing outside. Akron Stadium.

On the 17th of May, Tigress receives FC Jurassic Saturday, November 6, at 9:00 pm, what a return Ricardo Ferretti To the volcano, at the same time Sivas Visit a day ago Macadlon 9:00 p.m.

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