Tito Villa persuaded his youngest son to leave Tigres and be of Cruz Azul

Tito Villa persuaded his youngest son to leave Tigres and be of Cruz Azul

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Villa Emmanuel “Tito” He was one of the former players in blue cross Most affected by the title of cement in Guardians 2021Although the emotion did not remain with the tears he shed after the final whistle of the match against him Santos, but brought him back to the house, where an intriguing event occurred.

It turns out that the youngest member of the Villa family was named StefanoHe was hesitant, and his heart began to lean toward support tigers, though with cement team crown The former striker had a very strong argument for changing his point of view.

“In the house of Di Crusolino from birth, Alessandro, who at the age of eleven could see him as a hero. The other or finally convincedFor it was Stefano’s tiger, and after this title I said: “Dad, no mothers, here at home we are all blue”, he told Foro TV.

Tito’s tears

Tito Vela was part of TUDN’s serve in the Vuelta final between Cruz Azul and Santos, although after the final whistle his brief absence was noted and it turned out that it was due to the emotions that took hold of him, something similar to What happened with Baku Villa This was verified in a short video that he uploaded to his social networks.

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