Today’s Horoscope, July 21, 2023, All Zodiac Signs

Today’s Horoscope, July 21, 2023, All Zodiac Signs

It contains Today’s Horoscope, Friday July 21He the sun facing Pluto You will clearly see what your truth is in a particular aspect of your life and thus define your path. It exposes problems so that you can no longer hide or avoid them.

Aries Horoscope

For the past few days, your heart has been full of illusions and you’ve taken things very lightly. However, today you will wake up with a very serious consideration of every event, which includes a strong intense passion; A fact that may cause you many personal and family conflicts.

This is due to a potential opposition to the Sun and Pluto, which will show you problems that you can no longer hide or avoid. So, you must remember that the decisions you make today will be maintained in the long run.

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Taurus horoscope

Today the Sun, which represents your assertive energy, will square off with Pluto, associated with more intense emotions. Due to this aspect, you will feel a very powerful hypnotic force that will make you take serious decisions.

In this sequence of ideas, events will occur during the day that will show you that you can no longer live in theories and it is time to move on and put them into practice. Now that the universe is reacting to you, you recognize your abilities and responsibilities, and you can define your path with all that you know.

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Gemini horoscope

Today the Sun opposes Pluto transiting through Cancer, associated with reincarnation and the afterlife. You will notice this because you will question these issues more seriously and you will explore how to activate your third eye chakra.

Discover your clairvoyant abilities and use the shamanic energy that nature gives you this way. On the other hand, whatever the indicated planet represents, it could be the end of a phase in your life, a relationship or something that deeply affects your environment.

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Cancer horoscope

Today the Sun, already in its final days passing through your sign, faces Pluto, indicating that your emotions and desires will undergo profound changes through or within relationships. With the mentioned influence, the tensions that you have suppressed will come to light and you will no longer be able to deny them.

In the same way with all kinds of distrust and jealousy, it is a process that helps you recreate certain aspects of yourself. The important thing at this time is that you take everything calmly and not with sudden or aggressive reactions, because you can end a relationship.

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Leo Horoscope

Pluto has a difficult encounter with the Sun today.You will feel this influence through the events of the day and it will increase your bad mood due to the frustration of not achieving your goals.

This will be an important moment to further develop your ability to let go of pain, disappointment, personal failures, and not hold anything in your body. Otherwise, you may suffer from health problems over time. So this is a good time to perform rituals for energy cleansing and changing your luck.

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Virgo Horoscope

Yesterday you had a day where you were inspired by the most beautiful things around you. On the other hand, with the opposition between the Sun and Pluto today, your tendency will see everything in a more complex way. Especially if you have children, biological or spiritual, and you consider your own creation in everything.

Because you will feel like they control everything they do and you can try to change everything the way you want. But if you instead use this opportunity to analyze your true motivations, you will gain the ability to free yourself from the mentioned obsessions.

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Libra horoscope

Although you have long wanted to make changes in your life and generally seek to do everything in harmony with your environment, today the clash between the Sun and Pluto will reveal you with a demanding attitude.

In particular, if you require others to define themselves, tell them whether or not they support you in what you want to do to achieve your goals and achieve your objectives. Your feelings for your horoscope will be very deep and you will feel that you can no longer piecemeal things or avoid the problem; So, you will be more confident in your approach.

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Scorpio horoscope

Today everything related to your daily communication, daily interactions, conversations and routine affairs will be your priority. Every word becomes important and you don’t take anything for granted.

This is due to the opposition of the Sun with Pluto, which may result in some problems that you have in your daily life, but you never get out of. Seizing this moment and developing your creative intelligence will enable you to turn this obsession into something positive.

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The Sun opposes Pluto today, with this movement showing that it is time to change your desires and material ambitions. Financial worries will release the tensions that you have been hiding inside, and you can no longer hide them.

For this reason, under any pretext, you will bring to light your fears and the way you will manipulate money to achieve what you propose. Along these lines of thought, you may encounter conflicts with others, so use the properties of garlic to help you get rid of bad energy.

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The Sun opposes Pluto today, and through this star movement you will feel your energies go through a shift to create a new cycle. Of course, you will feel that your authority has grown, that you will be able to do great things and face those who disagree with you.

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Additionally, with the aforementioned influence, you will go through events that bring to light your desire for power and control through authoritarian and domineering attitudes. Remember that it is better to make changes without bad attitudes.

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Aquarius horoscope

Today the Sun opposes the planet Pluto, which is associated with the depths of your soul. With this star movement, you can feel a magical energy that will make you take firm decisions.

In particular, you are presented with various events related to intrigue or sexual matters that you keep secret.

In this sequence of ideas, according to your horoscope, you will be forced to face them, and this will make you change your mind, because conflicting situations will culminate and you will have to face them.

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Pisces people

Yesterday was a day when you felt confident, but today the instability of your character is resurfacing due to the opposition between the Sun and the planet Pluto. This aspect makes you unable to ignore certain emotions in your romantic relationship, such as feeling jealous or feeling very sad because of the lack of love.

One way or another, you will be able to clearly see what you want to do in your love life, and since everything is clear to you, you will have the ability to make serious decisions to make changes in your favor starting today.

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