Tongo deplores that the soles of his feet were burnt at Webb Ain Farandula Hospital | eye width

Tongo deplores that the soles of his feet were burnt at Webb Ain Farandula Hospital |  eye width

awesome!Known in the entertainment world as He was admitted to the emergency department of Guillermo Al Manara Hospital, due to “burning the soles of his feet” at another health centre, when he was receiving treatment for diabetes two weeks ago.

“Twelve days ago I was receiving treatment for diabetes at the National Center for Kidney Health, I told the lady that I was cold and they brought me some hot water bottles which they put on my feet and they forgot, because four hours had passed and it burned the soles of my feet,” He started by saying.

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Faced with this shocking reality, the popular artist has commented that he will now need three surgeries to graft the skin on his feet, and is so afraid of losing his upper limbs.

My bones showed this was a medical negligence because the soles of my feet were torn and were involved. I got an infection and had to go to Al Manara Hospital in an emergency. I have now been told that I will need three operations because they have to do a skin graft. I am very sad and afraid, because if the infection gets to the bone, they may cut my leg and how will I work?“, The singer added with a broken voice.

Tongo is also very worried that his health expenses are causing him and his family to run out of budget, which is why he seeks help from his fans.

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“My wife Gladys is with me, my daughter also comes, because you have to buy special dressings, pills, gauze to clean the wounds, I ask for help, I suffer a lot and need money, I have a lot of expenses in a hospital”, He ended by saying to Trom.

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