Tony Costa: Who is Evelyn Peltron’s ex, who still can not forget | Boyfriend | Timbo Domingus | Celebrities of America | Fame

Tony Costa: Who is Evelyn Peltron’s ex, who still can not forget |  Boyfriend |  Timbo Domingus |  Celebrities of America |  Fame

After ending his romantic relationship with the actress In July 2021, dancer Tony Costa was rumored to be associated with an influential person named after him. . Those are the months that no one deniesDuring a brief interview outside his dance hall in Miami until Costa decided to scream his love from the roof.

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Recently ‘La Pichoda’, Evelyn calls herself on social media. And the Spaniard delighted him, he prepared a surprise feast to celebrate with his family and close friends. Couples are no doubt having the best moment of their relationship because they have not stopped sharing pictures together on their respective social networks.

Another person in it Feed your Instagram Photos with Peltron of his former partner, The young woman had with him a long commitment that ended in the months she met Lopez’s ex.

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The Mexican model celebrated her birthday with Tony Costa (Evelyn Feltron / Instagram).

Who is Timbo Dominguez, formerly of Evelyn Beltron?

Timbo Domingus He is a health coach and bodybuilder Evelyn BeltronWho you are with Son of Timothy. The young man was recognized during the more than eight years he lived with the Mexican and fell in love. United States.

The athlete enjoys using them There he not only shared pictures with his son, but also snapshots of his anatomy, promoting his achievements based on his physique, thereby encouraging others to follow his path.

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Photos by Timbo Tomangius with Evelyn Beltron

Dominguez spent many years with Timothy’s mother, during which time he amassed hundreds of photos that he proudly shared on his Facebook profile. Instagram. Even though they are no longer together, Timbo still holds each of them, perhaps hoping that one day they will be together again. The truth is, your ex already turns the page and creates new memories .

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This is Evelyn Feltrin’s celebration with Tony Costa

When returning to Miami a few days later Orlando, Tony Costa He closed Evelyn Peltron’s eyes to take her to a mysterious place, which greatly moved the model with Mexican roots, she herself commented on her Instagram account.

A few minutes after a car ride, the Spaniard made Evelyn walk a few meters and he reached the area armed with all the surprise.

When they got there, a pool party was waiting for them, in which all the close loved ones of the influencer were seen and they were very excited.

Her joy was so high that she could not help but shed a few tears as seen in the video she shared. Social media.

“The best surprise of my life”He wrote on his Instagram, where he used the opportunity to say thank you Tony Costa And for having a very special moment for his friends.

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Confirmation of love between Tony Costa and Evelyn Peltron

The Spanish dancer was interrupted by a journalist after a class he taught in Miami to get his reports, where he finally admitted everything.

“Now my heart has been busy for a while, so I’m very good, very calm and happy, and above all happy. Everyone already knows, look good.”The artist said to the show.Long live the rumors”. When asked if this was Evelyn, Tony responded with a nod.

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