Top Software Picks to Help Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition in Summer

Top Software Picks to Help Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition in Summer

Getting your own car is one of the staples of everyday life today. It allows you the freedom to go anywhere you want without being restricted by the schedules of public transportation. In the past, only people with a certain credit rating were able to access car loans. 

But thanks to Carplus’ low credit financing, a bad credit score is not a hindrance to getting a vehicle anymore. Your only job now is to protect your investment. Especially in summer, you should keep a more watchful eye on ensuring that you preserve its quality for a longer time.

Why Should You Be Extra Careful with Your Car in Summer?

Different seasons come with their own sets of common car problems. But because of the excessive heat that comes with the summer season, your car becomes more susceptible to damage. Here are just some of what you may experience:

    1. Dead car battery. During summer, it’s not just the heat that you should be worried about. Humidity can be just as dangerous. The combination of these two can make your battery fluids evaporate, thus damaging some of its internal parts.
    2. Overheating. This is perhaps one of the most common problems. Because the cooling system has to work harder to maintain the same temperature, even the smallest dysfunction can result in overheating.
    3. Tire problems. Did you know that extreme heat can cause tires to blow out? Heat causes pressure to build up, and sometimes, it gets to the point of a car tire blowing out. There are also more roadworks during summer that can increase the debris your tires are exposed to.
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If you don’t know much about cars, it will be harder for you to get ahead of a brewing car issue. And even though car maintenance will always play a crucial part in your car’s overall condition, using certain software will give you more control over the condition of your vehicle. 

4 Best Software Options for Your Car During Summer

The bulk of what we’ll recommend here will be some form of monitoring and diagnostic software. It allows you to gather certain information about your car even with limited knowledge. Some of the options even let you gather insights about your car usage.

But to improve the range of protection that your vehicle gets, we have also included non-diagnostic software that you can use. These are our top picks:

  1. Waze

Waze is a mobile phone downloadable app that helps you navigate the roads to your destination most quickly using real-time traffic updates. If you don’t have it on your phone already, get it! It’s free to download and is compatible with most smartphones nowadays.

Apart from showing you which route to take based on current road traffic, it also shows you other information such as police checkpoints, crashes, roadworks, and much more. Therefore, the app will help you use your car less so it will last longer. Plus, you can use the app information to actively avoid roadworks to reduce your car’s exposure to debris.

  2. Any tire check app

If you don’t know how to use a traditional gauge pressure, there’s no way for you to ensure your car’s right tire pressure on your own. This is your best alternative. For as long as you go with one with great reviews, the particular app that you choose doesn’t matter.

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Because tire pressure increases with temperature, it’s good to keep an eye out for it, especially during the summer season. This will help prevent uneven tire wear and decrease braking distance to help avoid accidents.

Just note that an app is not a hundred per cent accurate. However, it will still help you to be aware of any tire pressure problem before you would detect it yourself.

  3. AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool

Do you own more than one car? Then, you’ll be glad to know that AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool offers coverage for 48 carmakers.

As a diagnostic software, it’s not just the comprehensiveness of its applicability that you’ll love. It gives you full access to various parts like chassis, airbags, transmission, and much more. It lets you gather data, thus allowing you to perform any necessary repairs before a problem gets worse. 

  4. Openbay

Just because you take care of your car doesn’t mean that it’s immune to damage. And should a repair issue arise, you want to be able to address it as soon as possible. This will prevent the problem from getting worse.

If you want to gain instant access to competitive pricing offered by repair shops in your area, Openbay is a free app that you can’t afford to miss. It saves you the hassle of having to call every provider in your area by compiling their rates all in one place.

From the app, you can also book your appointment so you can have your car repaired immediately. To help you with future maintenance and repairs, it logs all repairs done and reminds you of any maintenance that you should do.

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Final Thoughts

Given the technological access that we have today, there are endless ways that software and apps can help you keep your car in optimal condition. All you have to do is find ones that fit your needs and technical know-how.

We hope our list of software will help you maintain your car’s condition even during the hottest days of the summer season. 

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