Travis Scott returns to televised shows after the Astroworld tragedy in November

Travis Scott returns to televised shows after the Astroworld tragedy in November

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Didiwho was the host and producer of Billboard Music Awards. He said as he walked across the red carpet for this award ceremony It will be one where canceled is not canceled.

And indeed, he achieved it, and confirmed it with a letter of love in each of his interventions. “We’re going to celebrate that we have a second chance at life,” he commented at one point.

travis scott, Who hasn’t done that since Astroworld Festival Tragedy promoted, in which more than 2,500 people were injured and 10 killed, including a 9-year-old, returned to the stage of televised awards.

The 31-year-old rapper performed his songs “Mafia” and “Lost Forever” and recorded His first televised performance since the tragedy. In fact, Diddy took it upon himself to introduce Travis Scott with French Montana. In an icy scene, Scott sang to a woman in a white bikini while her dancers staged the fight scenes.

Then the stage changed to black and white for “Lost Forever”. Scott pushed the camera to face the audience and never mentioned the November 5 tragedy.

Just a few days ago, data emerged from a court filing indicating that 732 people had requested extensive treatment for their injuries. Another 1,649 people required less comprehensive treatment. More than 2,500 cases are still under review.

Diddy announced that his application for Travis Scott to appear at the Billboard Music Awards had been accepted by NBC, the network responsible for the broadcast.

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This was the Travis Scott show:

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