Trevor Bauer apologizes to the Mets fans

Trevor Bauer apologizes to the Mets fans

New shooter of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trevor Bauer I apologize to everyone Fanatics From Mets New York for everything that happened in the off-season Big leagues (MLB).

Through your Twitter account, Trevor Bauer Leave the differences and as a man wrote words of apology to Fanatics From Mets From New York, that’s because of all his flirtations, gossip, etc. during the holiday season from MLB.

Fanatics From MetsI owe you an explanation and an apology. My intention throughout the off-season was to interact with fans in ways that make the proxy and bonus process more interesting, “he wrote. Trevor Bauer.

in addition to, Trevor Bauer He takes responsibility for the events that occurred, noting all the flirting he had with the various organizations in MLB, Being Mets And to them Fanatics Very involved in this.

He added, “During the free agency process, my team prepared marketing materials for various organizations, as I did not know where and when I would sign.” Power.

jar Trevor Bauer Especially refers to Mets And to them Fanatics Because before his deal with the Dodgers was approved, it all seemed to be a little detail to end his arrival at the New York organization in MLB.

“The Fanatics From Mets They appreciated being passionate and energetic just like everyone else, so I offer my sincere apologies for how Friday’s events unfolded. I have no control over false media reports that indicate the existence of a contract or that the terms have been agreed upon, but I accept responsibility. ” Trevor Bauer.

Trevor Bauer As a professional clarifies things and concludes with them Fanatics From Mets Who would have undoubtedly expected Cy Young’s current national league MLB Will arrive at Queens For the 2021 season.

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Here is the thread:

They will accept Fanatics From Mets Apologies Trevor Bauer?

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