Tropical charm! Kim Kardashian covers herself with petals

Tropical charm!  Kim Kardashian covers herself with petals

See a new photo of Kim kardashian Or remember one of his repertoire is always impressive, and his endless beauty and prowess seem to always surprise his fans, as he did in this photo where he appears dressed up. Huge magic While wearing a white flower necklace.

the beautiful big success From social networks he always manages him so that 210 million followers on Instagram are more than happy with the content he shares.

at the moment Photography Deciding to please a student of his fans by wearing a necklace made of only white flowers, you will probably immediately remember the films in which you were greeted when you arrived in Hawaii with a similar necklace.

Besides this beautiful necklace, Kim kardashian Wearing on the shoulder of a Kramer parrot, also called the Indian collar, this specimen grows to approximately 40 cm.Its main characteristics are its long and narrow tail, its red beak and its black and pink collar on its neck, usually its feathers. Eye-catching green and they can speak, they can learn up to 100 words.

This bird is completely exotic and perfectly combines with the image of Kim Kardashian, who despite being in some kind of study with this Kramer’s parrot immediately brings us to a tropical climate.

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The post was shared on May 11, 2020, it already contains more than 2 million 400 thousand red hearts, although this image is not the most recent, it undoubtedly attracts attention thanks to the concept and especially the appearance Kim kardashianWhich is more evident than that he wears nothing but white flowers.

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Thanks to the pose in which his small waist and wide thighs are, they are able to amaze a little, as he appears to form the letter “S” with his posture, although it is the slight curve he made with his body that succeeded in causing his silhouette to attract the attention of his fans again.

If you want to see the picture click here.

She decided to share this photo to show the makeup she was wearing, so she decided the photo was a little closer to her face, as she mentioned she is wearing a lip liner and glitter from her own brand.

Tropical vibes, I wear Super Model 90s lip liner … ’90s super matte lipstick, KKW x Winnie Secret glitter, Bronze Heaven eyeshadow palette, Classic Shimmer blush palette and a rose-gold skin perfect glow body,’ ‘he wrote.

The thing that has always distinguished Kim Kardashian is that she tends to promote her products herself, for her it is very easy, we have seen her model for many years and show off her personality in front of the cameras, so for Kendall Jenner’s older sister, she is more. Easy to stand in front of lens and look like a pro.

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An interesting fact that attracted attention was that within a few days she was able to surpass her followers, and in less than a week, Kim Kardashian gained 2 million new fans on her official Instagram account.

Currently on my Instagram for social, Businesswoman and fashion model, we find 5,445 publications, among which she has videos, pictures that they have collected from their companies, vacations and her lovely family, Kim Kardashian is always aware not only of her beautiful four children, but also his sisters and nephews.

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