Truck strengthens to Hurricane Type 2

Truck strengthens to Hurricane Type 2

(CNN) – Millions are still trying to recover Hurricane Ida Meteorologists are searching for Hurricane Larry in the Atlantic, which has already been strengthened to Type 2, wreaking havoc from the Gulf Coast of East America to the Northeast.

At the same time Ida was building its 1,500-mile-long path of destruction, with tropical storm Julian and tropical storm Gate forming and dissolving last week. But now Hurricane Larry is blowing across the Mid-Atlantic.

According to an update from the National Hurricane Center, the truck is now a Type 2 hurricane with winds of up to 100 mph.

The hurricane is 2092 km east of the Leeward Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, moving at a speed of 26 km in a west-northwesterly direction.

“All models generally agree that Larry will become a strong hurricane [el lunes]“The National Hurricane Center said earlier.

The updated forecast indicates that the truck will reach Type 4 at a maximum speed of 225 km / h over the weekend.

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After Labor Day the truck will gradually turn northwest and reach Bermuda by the middle of next week.

After Labor Day, Larry will create a storm surge on the east coast of the United States and Bermuda.

“While it has not been predicted that Larry will hit the United States directly, it could have an impact on the east-east coast next week in the form of threatening waves and currents that could be a major hurricane,” the CNN meteorologist explained. Alison Cinsar.

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