Trump is asking the court to stop delivering his files

Trump is asking the court to stop delivering his files

Washington (CNN) – Former President Donald Trump on Thursday appealed to the Supreme Court to block the submission of documents from his White House to the House Committee investigating the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

In Documents Trump, who filed in the Supreme Court, asked the judges to fully review the case and to suspend the court ruling under which they will be allowed to publish their records while they consider their position.

Trump’s lawyers wrote in court files that “the Commission’s limited interest in obtaining the requested records immediately fades, compared to President Trump’s interest in protecting judicial review before irreparable harm occurs.”

The fight over documents currently in the hands of the National Archives stems from a lawsuit filed by Trump against the archives and authority to prevent the records from being released. It contains hundreds of documents, including activity logs, tables, speech notes, and three-page handwritten notes by then-Trump chief executive Mark Meadows.

Although the lower courts have so far rejected his arguments, Trump argues in the case that the documents should be kept secret because of the former president’s own claims about executive power. Thursday’s submission to the Supreme Court indicates the seriousness of the controversy.

Meadows supported Trump’s lie about the uprising 2:21

President Joe Biden has ruled that it is not in the interest of the United States to withhold documents on the basis of executive power. In a letter to the archives in October, White House adviser Dana A. Remus refused to implement the presidency because Congress “has a duty to understand, in the service of its legislative functions, the circumstances which led to these horrific events.”

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The House committee, which has been accused of investigating the US Capitol attack to make recommendations to prevent such attacks in the future, is looking for documents to examine Trump’s role in trying to reverse the election. He instructed his supporters to go to the Capitol, where lawmakers prepared to certify the election results and “fight” for their district.

Trump’s lawyers argue that the commission violated its authority, that its demands for documents were too broad, and contained important and privileged records that did not fit the proper legislative purpose.

They say the demands violate the separation of powers and the Presidential Registration Act, and that Biden’s decision not to implement the privilege should not violate Trump’s desire to exclude them from the committee. On the other hand, they argue that the courts should review the documents to determine whether Trump’s claims are valid.

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