Tuca Ferretti explodes against refereeing in Juarez vs. America

Tuca Ferretti explodes against refereeing in Juarez vs. America

City of Juarez, Chihuahua /

Ricardo Ferretti He came out very upset with his judging work Luis Enrique Santander that eliminated a target brave In the second half of Duel against America for A Misplaced Assumption by Gabriel Fernandez, so Tuca said that if this was the goal of the Eagles if he would have climbed to the scoreboard.

“Maybe (angry), I couldn’t say we would have won, but if I’m disappointed in that Because they claim Maura veered and if that happens the bull can’t find her, this is a legitimate game and it will give us some peace of mind or confidence, but the team fights and competes and this situation Yes, this frustrates me Great because often if he goes to the other side if they let him go,” DT said at a press conference.

As it was pointed out The expulsion of Jose Esquivel He was judged differently from that of a player in America in the first half

“It’s a play like the one in the first half where they stuck Toro (Fernandes) but since he didn’t throw himself, he didn’t tag anything and that’s where they come in from one side and not the other.”

‘We need to improve’

On the other hand, he indicated that his team must improve defensively to be able to look forward to a good result, as every match they receive at least two annotations.

“Keeping zero while there is no defensive solidity we are far from winning and we have to improve that so we can think about winning.”

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