Two opposition parties in Venezuela managed to hold on to the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia.

Two opposition parties in Venezuela managed to hold on to the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia.
Officials from the Un Nuevo Tiempo and Movimiento por Venezuela parties managed to register their support for Gonzalez Urrutia

Representatives of opposition parties A New Time (UNT) And Movement for Venezuela (MVP) The National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) was finally received this Tuesday by the authorities of the National Electoral Board, able to register the resignation of their candidates for the presidential election and adhere to the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) card with the President. candidate Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

“We can communicate that to the country We have submitted our request for adherence to the CNE group For the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia. We have achieved“, Simone Calzadilla, General Secretary of the MVP, reported through his account on the social network X. “From this moment the MPV formally supports González Urrutia in the Unitary Platform. Let's achieve change together” he added.

And the UNT party also confirmed its achievement via video Candidate Manuel Rosales resigned” mentioned on the social network.

Angel Cristian Palmeri Paci and Diana Carolina Rodríguez, representatives of the political party An Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), show documents on the movement's expression of will to support candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council in Caracas (EFE). / Miguel Gutierrez)

The Democratic United Platform The main opposition coalition in Venezuela (PUD), earlier this Tuesday condemned the CNE for not allowing several parties to sign in support of the candidate. Gonzalez Urrutia.

Although González Urrutia appears on the MUD cover, the objective Expand your range of support to avoid possible vetoes for certain electoral cards, thereby allowing his candidacy to reach the July 28 elections without defeat and face Nicolás Maduro.

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The MPV and the UNT originally nominated Manuel Rosales, but after a single nomination agreement reached by the PUD on April 19, decided to add their electoral cards in favor of Gonzalez Urrutia. Last Saturday, the UNT party announced the resignation of Rosales, who did not have the MUD's support to win as the coalition candidate.

President of Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso (c), with CNE rectors Aime Nogal, Carlos Quintero, Rosalba Gil and Juan Carlos Delpino in Caracas (EFE/ Rayner Peña R.)

General Secretary of PUD Umar Barboza condemned this Tuesday The “failed” efforts of the Movement for Venezuela and An Nuevo Tiempo Governor Manuel Rosales' party- and appealed to the CNE to fulfill its “constitutional duty” and “facilitate people's participation in the electoral process.”

Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia himself argued on social networks to “advance the transition to concrete independence” and fulfill “the desire and mandate of millions of citizens demanding change”, after his name was chosen by the coalition to override Maria's veto. Corina Machado, disqualified from public office.

Besides, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, This Tuesday, he described it as “extraordinary” that Venezuela's opposition has rallied around a candidate and reiterated his desire for all sectors to respect the July 28 election result.

Last month, the Brazilian government expressed its “concern” about restrictions on registering candidates and received an angry response from Venezuela's foreign ministry. Lula insisted on Tuesday that elections in Venezuela and other countries must be “transparent” and the results recognized by all.

Photo archive photo by Edmundo González Urrutia (EFE).

On the other hand, former Colombian president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos said in an exclusive interview with the press. Folha From Sao Paulo That If Gustavo Pedro and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva want to help democratic transition in Venezuela, “the time has come”.

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According to Santos, the actions of the leaders of Colombia and Brazil are important this week, and he said it is “very important” that both tell Maduro to “respect this candidate” regarding Gonzalez Urrutia.

(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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