UFO photographed in space

UFO photographed in space

By Francisco Villagrane

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Researchers of the phenomenon of UFOs have long been aware for certain that the superpowers, especially NASA, possess images and footage of UFOs in different parts of the planet, including many satellites and the space station. Recently, information was published showing that a disk-shaped UFO imaged and photographed by NASA in October 2012, and that it has only been released now. The unknown UFO can be seen emitting a strange rainbow like colored light on the surface of the earth.

The famous American researcher and ophthalmologist Scott Waring said about the image: “Look closely, in the image published by NASA, you can clearly see a disc-shaped flying saucer, which can be seen better by magnifying the image, in addition to a strange glow around it, So that anyone would appreciate that there is some kind of glowing aura around the object, which very much caught the attention of scientists and researchers, who clearly agree that it is a ship of unknown origin.It is clear that NASA astronauts thought it interesting to take some pictures of a strange object, and it was published about By chance or unintentionally by the International Space Agency itself.Then, after declassification, all images of the entire sequence were published, confirming what was stated in the first report.

After the photos were uploaded to the Internet, a series of opinions and debate arose among many people, stating that this was clear evidence of extraterrestrial life, although other people simply said that it was a defect in the viewfinder. For the many scenes being recorded around the world, it is not a simple coincidence and will be a precursor to some important event that may affect the Earth in the coming months or years. One such scene was the one that occurred on May 2, 2012, where a Californian claimed to have seen strange orange lights in the sky. The witness claimed that the object appeared out of nowhere after a deafening loud noise. The object remained stationary in the sky for about 30-40 seconds, radiating a reddish, orange and yellow light. “I heard a loud noise from afar that caught my attention and all the dogs in the building started barking furiously. I looked straight and saw something very bright orange, that was flashing. In addition to the white lights, you could see through them that the object could be rectangular.”

In April 2012, a gray saucer-shaped object was seen hovering over Russia. A photo of the object was taken by two different people, leaving many in awe. In recent years, a large number of sightings of ships have been reported around the world, so it is assumed that they came from other galaxies.


Undoubtedly, the astronauts of the various expeditions to space were among the most important and more than qualified witnesses, seeing these unidentified UFOs live and firsthand. Before they were forbidden to comment on these cases, but later they had the opportunity to photograph and photograph and after that there was no doubt. The European Space Agency recently published images taken with the telescope on Ariane 5. The shots are truly amazing: an incredible number of UFOs invade Earth’s orbit. The video lasts about 3 minutes and shows how a large number of luminous objects of different sizes seem to leave the direction of the Earth and get lost in deep space.

Of course, NASA will deny this, saying that they are ice crystals that formed on the camera lens, but those who watched the footage will say that this explanation is beyond doubt and, on the contrary, makes one laugh when hearing this “scientific” “explain.” ; In view of the video, this is like a joke to those who watched the filming, such a rude explanation does not make sense. In addition, you can see how different things look like standing still and quickly changing direction and speed. It is impossible to explain. Needless to say, uncontrollable chunks of ice or “space debris” are unable to perform maneuvers such as stopping and changing direction. Apart from this childish explanation from NASA, very few believed it and went on to assert that it is undoubtedly related to UFOs due to the clever movements the ships exhibit.

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Since the first astronauts went into space, there have been close-up sightings of these UFOs that have since accompanied various space missions, from the Apollo missions to the moon to the space station and the various probes that have had the opportunity to photograph the presence of these UFOs. The most prominent astronauts in history such as John Glenn and Armstrong, the first man on the moon, commented on the presence of these unknown devices that accompanied them on their various missions. And even today they can be seen in different parts of the planet, either individually or in fleets of many objects. Scientists and researchers, though formally silent, have no doubt that they have been among us for a long time, it is only a matter of time before their existence is officially recognized by the authorities of the great powers.

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