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good morning. One of the reviews of Boris JohnsonWhat the corona virus was dealing with was that he was poor at managing expectations. He, who may be temporarily more optimistic, is downplaying the extent to which locking measures will be required – only to disprove the Govt reality.

Today we can get a new example.

This afternoon Johnson will release a report to MPs on the UK-wide lockout announced on Saturday, saying he would have been twice as bad during the first wave without a single death, according to pre-released juices. He will say:

Our scientists’ models suggest that if we don’t act now, winter deaths could be twice as bad or more severe than the first wave.

In the face of these latest figures, there is no other option but to take the next step nationally.

But Johnson will play the chance the lock will be extended. He will say:

At the end of the four weeks, on Wednesday, December 2, we will ease the restrictions on access to the local and regional rankings according to the latest data and trends.

This line has created the Daily Express splash.

BBC News (UK)
(@ BBC News)

Monday Express: “New lock-in lasts only one month, PM vows” # BBC Papers #TomorrowsPapersToday

November 1, 2020

But is it reliable? Not according to the rest of Fleet Street that gives too much weight to what Michael Cove said yesterday How to extend the lock, As well as what ministers and officials say about the background.

Times Splash here.

BBC News (UK)
(@ BBC News)

Monday Times: “Locks last until next year, ministers warn” # BBC Papers #TomorrowsPapersToday

November 1, 2020

Here are some quotes from it Times Story (Powell), Ministers are reluctant to trust the Prime Minister’s guarantees.

Cabinet ministers said The Times They believed it would be “very difficult” to end the lockout if deaths and hospital admissions continued to rise.

“There’s a setback in these things,” one said. “There will be fears that the death toll in the four-week period will be higher than it is now, which will give credibility to people who want to keep national action.”

Another said: “I think it will be after the new year. The exchange rate is not going to decrease enough to justify it. Look at the maps. It would be a job disaster. ”

Here are some headlines from other documents that flagged the concern that the lock should be extended.

BBC News (UK)
(@ BBC News)

Monday Guardian: “Prime Minister Tory faces anger after long lockout hints” # BBC Papers #TomorrowsPapersToday

November 1, 2020

BBC News (UK)
(@ BBC News)

Monday Telegraph: “PM locks up opportunity for extension” # BBC Papers #TomorrowsPapersToday

November 1, 2020

BBC News (UK)
(@ BBC News)

Monday I: “Extended Locking Alert” # BBC Papers #TomorrowsPapersToday

November 1, 2020

After 3.30pm Johnson will be on foot in public, which will become one of his worst parliamentary appearances since the outbreak began. Many Conservative MPs are not happy about the lockout, and it is doubtful whether they will accept his claim that it will only last four weeks. We don’t know if they’ll vent their anger heavily in the room, but if they do, Johnson could face a tough afternoon.

The agenda for the day is here.

9.30 am: London Mayor Sadiq Khan addresses the 2020 London Conference.

10.30 am: Douglas Rose, Conservative leader of Scotland, addresses policy exchange thinkers about the union.

11.40 am: Sir Khair Stormer addresses the CBI Conference.

12 noon: Downing Street is expected to host its daily lobby conference.

12.15 pm: Mark Drakeford, Welsh First Minister, gives an explanation, he will announce what will happen next week when the locking of Wales ends.

12.15 pm: Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon hosts a corona virus conference.

After 3.30pm: Boris Johnson presents a report to MPs on his plans to lock down the UK.

Politics Live is now doubling down on the UK Corona virus live blog, and in a way that the Govt crisis is all about, it will continue into the near future. But we will also include non-Govt political stories, which will take precedence when they appear to be very important or interesting.

Here is our global corona virus live blog.

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